Should You Sell Your Car As Junk?

Do you have a damaged car that's been stocked in your garage since forever? It has been taking a lot of space there and you've been thinking to sell it as junk for cash. Should you do it? Depending on the actual state of your car, you can decide whether to sell, junk, or scrap your car.

Here are some alternatives that you need to consider:

Sell or Trade In

Before you decide to sell your car as junk, try selling or trading in it first. If your vehicle is still drivable, chances are, you can still sell it at an auction in a junkyard. Selling your car could actually cost the highest value. Otherwise, you can also trade in your old car when buying a new one. While this decision is commonly discouraged by motoring experts, it could actually save you some money for your new vehicle. Remember that if you recognize that your car is still drivable and could still be sold, do not delay the decision. Delaying could only worsen the condition of your car and diminish its value. Ask your auto dealer whether they accept trade in deals when buying new cars.


A junked vehicle or salvage vehicle is a severely damaged vehicle that it becomes more practical and financially feasible to sell its parts rather than to repair for optimum function again. If most of your car's components and accessories are still working, you can choose to sell your car as junk. Junk prices tend to be higher than scrap prices for your car. To get the most money out of your car, sell any expensive components such as GPS system, new tires, battery, etc. first before scrapping. A junkyard can help you sell these items but some car owners prefer to sell these items by themselves.


If the vehicle is no longer driveable and all of its valuable components have been worn out or no longer functioning, you can scrap your car for the metals, copper, and aluminum. You can use your vehicle's curb weight as a rough estimate for its value for scrap metal. Majority of your vehicle's car is composed of steel. Scrapyard typically price metals at around $150 to $300 per ton. Try calling at least three scrapyards and negotiate for a higher value. Among the three alternatives of disposing your old car, scrapping should be the last option.

In sum, before you sell your car as junk, consider having it checked by a mechanic first so that you'll know its condition if it is still suitable for selling or trading in. You can also sell the vehicle as junk or scrap depending on the valuable components left in your car. Cash for junk cars is a great idea when you want to get the transaction done quickly.

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